iloverunways: book Yves Saint Laurent by Farid Chenoune, ph by David Seidner
fashioncrass: 1968 yves saint laurent safari collection.  love the gold belt with khaki lace up.
Anjelica Huston for Yves Saint Laurent, 1973.
runway-shoes: Yves Saint Laurent Paris Spring 2012 

Salvador Dalí and Yves Saint Laurent. Photo by Alécio De Andrade.
Fashion Designers
Yves St. Laurent, November 11th, 1959 (via National Media Museum)
maliciousglamour: Yves Saint Laurent and the house models of Maison Dior
Christian Dior, Spring 1958 Couture 
theyroaredvintage: Yves Saint Laurent by Norman Parkinson for UK Vogue, 1974.
mrporter: A chic Mr Stefano Pilati taking his bow at the end of YSL
Opaque  by  andbamnan